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Explainer video to onboard terminal cancer patients and their family members to the Driver platform. Not friendly. Not scary. Just real.

Communicate what stage 4 cancer means to patients and their families while also providing a clear path to cure through research during the platform's onboarding process.
The Driver brand took a no BS approach to their communication. This was all designed around the fact that they were communicating primarily with terminal cancer patients and their families. They need fast facts and clarity, without the sugar coat. We designed this piece to do just that, cut the nonsense and get to the facts, as plainly as possible.

Focus and clarity were our drivers as we developed the visual and audible story.
Client: Driver
Agency: Hello Monday
Project Manager: Savine Van As
Animation Direction: Kamron Robinson
Art Direction: Anders Mikkelsen, Rikke Hindborg
Animation: Kamron Robinson
Sound design: Audiobrain