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Google Cloud machine learning

Machine learning meets avant-garde art in a tumultuous land of constant perspective and perception shifts, on the road to simplicity. When machines and humans work together we create something brand new.

Demystify the "secret sauce" of machine learning.
We looked to the fine art world for inspiration to help us tell the story of a misunderstood technology and how it was transforming businesses around the world. By leaning into a visual language from the avant-guard and using a simple story of progression and transformation we created something truly unique to the typical explainer video.

We designed the elements to feel disconnected with physical reality, both in look and movement, eventually converging into a new state.
Client: Google Cloud
Agency: Hello Monday
Production manager: Megan Potter
Animation Direction: Kamron Robinson
Art Direction: Jerome Bodin, Kamron Robinson
Illustration: Mario Sifuentes, Jerome Bodin
Animator: Kamron Robinson
Sound design by Audiobrain