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SONY Bravia bunnies

Ever wonder what it would look like if hundreds of rainbow colored bunnies were bouncing around downtown New York? Me either.

An oldie but a goody. Back in 2007 I had the distinct pleasure to work on this angel of a spot for a new TV. This was a large orchestration of a magnitude that I had not experienced before. I was teamed up with lead animator Julia Peguet to work on green bunnies and the wave animation.

Such a pleasure to watch and work on. Enjoy.
Creative Director: Juan Cabral
Agency Producer: Nicky Barnes
Director: Frank Budgen
Live-action producer: Rupert Smythe
Production Manager: Judy Vermeulen
Production Company: Gorgeous
Animation: Passion Pictures
Animation director: Darren Walsh
Animation Producer: Russell Mclean, Belinda Blacklock
Animation Executive Producer: Andrew Ruheman
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Animation Supervisor: Drew Lightfoot

Lead animators: David Scanlon, Julia Peguet

Animators: Adam Pierce, Dan Anderson, David Pagano, Eileen Kohlhepp, Geoff Buck, Inez Woldman, Jeremy Bronson, Jimmy Picker, Kevin Coyle, Kim Keukeleire, Matt Somma, Matthew Amonson, Pete List, Rachel Hoffman, Tom Gasek, Tobias Fouracre, Wendy Griffiths

Assistant Animators: Amit Ashraf, Chelsea Manifold, Coire Williams, Emily Collins, Hudson Meredith, James Scourtos, Joy Marie Smith, Justin E Maldonado, John Kohlhepp, John Bega, Kamron Robinson, Lu Rosa, Luca Vitale, Mark Pagano, Matt Kushner, Matthew Porsorske, Molly Light, Myra D Rivera, Patricia Burgess, Patrick Krebs, Richard Ledley, Stephan Brezinsky, Spencer McCormick, Zoubien Rana
Models: Artem

Line Producer: Mike Scully
Production manager: Will Tatum
Location Scout: Carl Bellavia,
Jared Smith
Art Director: Kevin McCarthy
1st AD: Mike Bigwood
DP: Tristan Oliver
Camera Assistant: George Milburn
Gaffer: Matt Day
Rigger: Denis Russo
Sculptors: Sarah Turner, Andre Gilbert, Fiona Barty
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
CG Animation: Wes Coman, Chris Hemming, Howard Bell, Nick Symons, Chris Welsby
Modelling: Ian Brown, Florian Mounié
Editor: Ted Guard at the Quarry
Post Production: MPC
Audio Post production: Parv at Wave